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1.Patient monitoring system (upto four parameter)

2.Ultrasound as a Biochemical diganostic tool

3.Anesthesia Machine Model With AEP Simulator

4.Neuropatic Foot Exerciser

5.Digital pulmonary function test using Microcontroller(DPFT)

6.Human Skin Colour Sensor

7.Safe gaurd for blind

8.Artificial Kidney

9.Role of Biomedical in a Hospital

10.Monitoring system for premature babies

11.EEG Biofeedback and Stress Management

12.Snore Alarm Electronic Device

13.Tan Timer: Six Timing positions suited to different skin types Timing affected by sunlight intensity

14.Highway Hospital Connecting System

15.Total Quality Management in Healthcare

16.Aid Suit

17.Microcontroller based temperature recorder and controlling system

18.I-Ball movement Detector

19.Neuro-muscular stimulator

20.Wirelesh telemetry system for the transmission of ECG signals

21.Speaker and speech recognition

22.Dual Parameter Monitoring Continuous Passive Movement machine

23.X-Ray C-Arm Drive and Control for Imaging Blood Line

24.Braille watch

25.Pulse oximeter

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